Anette Heiberg
Children's Illustrator Anette Heiberg

Where did you grow up:
Fetsund, right outside Oslo in Norway
Where do you live now:
On the Hvaler islands, the most sunny geographical area in Norway
Do you have a nickname:
What medium do you use the most:
Mac or PC:
Favorite color:
It's hard to choose just one. I love a lot of colors, especially warm earth tones
Extrovert or introvert:
Do you sketch with a pencil or pen:
If you could be any animal what would you be:
Little Critter's sister from the Little Critter books
Do you sing in the shower:
What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you:
Believed in me no matter what
What's your favorite movie:
The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain
What non-living artist would you have loved to study with:
I've seen film from drawing lessons at the Walt Disney studios when they first started out, and I would've loved to be a part of that
What do you do in your spare time:
I read, watch movies, make cookies, run and go for walks
Favorite computer program:
Adobe Photoshop
What's your favorite children's book:
The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone by Timothy Basil Ering

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