Paula Becker
Paula J. Becker

Where did you grow up:
Corpus Christi, Texas.
Where do you live now:
Montreal, Quebec (summer)/Corpus Christi (winter).
Do you have a nickname:
Some people call me "PJ".
What medium do you use the most:
The computer, Wacom tablet (or Cintiq), and my Corel Painter software.
Mac or PC:
PC. Though I'm not anti-Mac.
Favorite color:
It depends on the situation and use. As a teen I loved turquoise and lavender.
Extrovert or introvert:
I'm an introvert, but at times I think I'm a socially-challenged extrovert.
Do you sketch with a pencil or pen:
My sketches (for work) are done digitally and I use both tools.
If you could be any animal what would you be:
A cat. Most live the life of Riley.
Do you sing in the shower:
I sure do!
What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you:
Too many kind acts to mention, the latest being someone returning my lost wallet.
What's your favorite movie:
No favorite, but I enjoy a well-done romantic comedy.
What non-living artist would you have loved to study with:
Theodor Geisel ("Dr. Seuss"), Walt Kelly ("Pogo"); Winslow Homer; any of the Hudson River School painters.
What do you do in your spare time:
Enjoy our sailboat; garage saleing; cartooning; sketching.
Favorite computer program:
Corel Painter. How could I not say that since it is my workhorse?
What's your favorite children's book:
I grew up on Dr. Seuss. "Put Me In the Zoo" was a favorite.

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